Print Sale

If you happen to be in the Bloomington Area – the IU Print Workshop is having a print sale with bargains galore. I went to the opening last night and picked up a lovely Andrew Mauer, four-block, relief print for a measly $30. The money goes to help fund our trip to SGC in March (the annual national print conference). Go Get Some ART!

412 West 4th Street,
Bloomington, Indiana

Dec 2 – Jan 29
Hours: Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday 12-6 & Saturday 10-1

Prints and Peeps at Thrive

Solution of Silver of White Light – Alice

I made a little video file of my installation Solution of Silver of White Light, Alice. Alice is my grandmother. She has Alzheimer’s and when she first began her journey with the disease she was very angry; there is nothing more fearsome than the anger of an isolated matriarch. Her anger sizzled and burned. But over time, as she has settled into a new way of living, this new person has emerged. Alice of now is an Alice of the moment. I love her so.

This piece was made by collecting still images from the video of my grandmother. The still images are salted paper prints and silkscreen on paper that is then washed with silver nitrate and/or fabric dye.

180 in wide by 80 in high – 2011