Silkscreen CMYK notes

OK, if you’re like me than this handy bit of info will be amazing to you.

How to Silkscreen CMYK images (a quick outline)

The screen class here has done some extensive testing and have come up with a good set of parameters. This info is from Chris Dacre’s silkscreen class here at IU.


Open you image in Photoshop

Make sure to change the color mode to CMYK (Image > Mode > CMYK)

Open your channels tab and from the channel tab options menu choose > Split Channels

This will open four new files, one for each color you will be printing

Then you need to make each of those four files into a bitmap image.

For each file go to Image > Mode > Bitmap and a dialog box will open

You want your output setting to be approx equal to 200

Your Method = Halftone Screen

Frequency should equal a number somewhere around screen mesh count/3.5

Angle – so, to avoid moire, your dot angle should be different for each color you are printing. Here are the angles that the class used with success.

M=15, K=45, C=75, Y=105

So if you have your black image open set the angle amount to 45  etc.

When you have all four images/layers bit-mapped print them out. Be sure to print registration marks on your images.

We use pin registration here in the studio, so our registration is pretty spot on. But you need the reg. marks on your films to get them lined up.

When printing the class found that 30% trans in CMY works pretty well, and printing K at 50/50 trans base makes for a realistic look. We use Jacquard inks.

Anyhoo – I’m pretty stoked about their success. They devoted a lot of time to trial and error in the process of figuring this out. I’ll get some pics of their prints up soon.



The Next Thing

I’m in the middle of what my sister lovingly referred to as ‘disequilibrium’. Apparently, wee kids learn and change at an astonishing rate. Most of the time, when they’re in the process of learning something new, like say, walking, their reactions to life get out of whack. It takes a lot of energy to change and so they don’t have much energy for other things, like behaving nicely.

I’m pretty much done with grad school now. The thesis show went up on the wall and the very next day I woke up with a ‘what’s next’ anxiety attack. Change. It’s a tricky business.

So I’m getting ready to leave Bloomington. It’s a gradual process that will happen over the next few months. I’m excited about the summer and my next project. I’m going to be working with domestic violence shelters in Indiana. I’ll have more to tell soon.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing some thoughts that bubble up from the research I’m engaged in for the project. I’ve been looking at a lot of literature and I’m excited to get some of my thoughts down here, to share with you.

Anyhoo – If you haven’t had a chance, take a look at my Tumblr, I’m collecting some goooood stuff over there.