So last Friday I got to go over to Russian Recording for a delightful show of prints. Dear and talented Steph Becker, had a show of her animal prints and some special rock prints. There were also m&ms and a room full of cats, a good time was had by all. All of the prints are silkscreens, except one intaglio, all of the cats are cats.


So I finally got my new passport. I’ve had the same one since I was 17 so I’m *very* thrilled to have one that has a photo of me looking like an adult instead of a wee Harry Potter look-alike.

The other amazing new developent in the passport world? Amazingly patriotic double page tableaux cover each page of the passport. In the passport’s version of America we are very rural. We have vast spaces, that we’re working on taming. And then we have SPACE, last page, SPACE!

I love my new passport.



Kinsey Art / The Uncovered Body

The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction is based at Indiana University. Along with their accademic research they also support creative research. They house a vast collection of art, media and photography to their mission. They have a small exhibition space in the Institute’s main office where they host frequent exhibits. The institute also sponsors a yearly invitational show that is exhibited in the University’s main art gallery, the Grunwald Gallery of Art. I visited the opening of this year’s invitational and was for the most part underwhlemed by the show, Bloomington’s largest annual international art exhibit.

I spent a good amount of time discussing with friends why we all had a similar response to the work…. are we all jaded grad students, no longer able to simply enjoy a room filled with art from different sources? or is was there something inherantly lacking in the exhibition. At the time we settled somewhere in the middle but in hindsight, I think it’s the show that is lacking. The show could use a more stringent curatorial hand. The themes of Sex, gender and reproducation are so broad that maybe a theme or curatorial authoring would do a lot to help the overall presentation.

There were a couple of lovely prints –

I wish the show could have the beauty and impact I sense when I look at the works in “The Uncovered Body” at the Arab World Institute.

This one video by Adel Abidin asks us to see women, bodies, and aggression as a question, not fully answered by the artist’s portrayal.

Nate Gibson – GO! GO! GO!

So I’ve been working with the spectacular Nate Gibson on art for his forthcoming album. He was looking for something similar to the Hatch Show prints Country Music Hall of Fame series.

So, to do this, I photo-shopped a picture of him.

Then I did a line drawing of the photo, and added text and the general layout.

Then I did an ink drawing of the pencil drawing, one for each of the two colors we’ll be printing.

Then I used my magic computer robot Internets to finish off the colors and make some fine adjustments.

We’re going to be hand silk-screening 300 of these in a couple of weeks!

A Printmaker’s Guide to Disneyland – Part 4

To wrap up the Disney guide, here are a few more tidbits. There is a hotel that abuts the park, Disney’s Grand Californian. It’s built in the theme of arts and craftsman style, but in a postmodern over sized way. The hotel is decorated with craftsman style tiles, carvings and decor. In the main lobby I found a case with leather tooling tools, some wood type and a few books with handmade covers. These objects seem to make little sense in their tourist context, especially the ligatures… but they’re still lovely objects.

Oh and all over the park are lovely wallpapers, mostly in a William Morris style. I managed to remember to photograph one, this sweet sparrow(?) paper pasted above the counter in the Jolly Holiday bakery (Mary Poppin’s themed) . The birds look like they might be ready to attack each other.

Last but not least, the reason I went to Disneyland in the first place –

A Printmaker’s Guide to Disneyland – Part 3

Disney uses fonts and hand sign painting as a way to enhance the theme of each ‘land’ in the park. Here’s a taste of the fonts and lettering used in Main Street, just one of the many lands.

Check out this exhaustive collection of Disney World fonts.


A Printmaker’s Guide to Disneyland – Part 2

Things that are made to look like they are made of paper but are most definitely not made of paper.


A wall made of postcards

A cereal box becomes a shaded tunnel.

A tissue box becomes a restroom.

The remains of Kodak. Poor Kodak, they’re always been a sponsor at Disneyland, they still have photo kiosks around the park.

Minnie’s notebook.

Cookie box, juice box and take-out box baskets for swinging ride thing.

Books in Mickey’s house.

Lists in Minnie’s house – shout out to Adrianne Herman!





A Printmaker’s Guide to Disneyland – Part 1

New piece of paper for eating off of with old newspaper printed on it. Words purposefully blurred so you can no longer read the news…which is old anyway.

2009 reproduction of 1960’s version of late 1800’s printing.

Tickets exhibit. This is what most people would refer to as an “A” ride, but I think it’s an “E” ticket experience.


The six, third-year print grads got together for one last show last night. In honor of The Five Obstructions by Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth – we gave each other an obstruction or two to work against while creating our piece. We were only allowed 6 hours to make it. After three years of studying together we’re rather aware of our limitations and strengths. So making the obstructions was a fun exercise. Mine, given to me by Sharon Lindenfiled, was to use only found footage to make a video. Here’s the video –