I’m going to be on the road for the next almost two months. And while I’m out and about in the world, having left the confines of my sleepy medieval town behind, I’m going to track some of my movements and moments but making books from materials that I find in my travels.

This is an offshoot of a project that I just completed with my UGA students in Cortona. You can read about that one here. Which is also an offshoot of a project I’ve been working on since about 2005.

blogWeekly Cherry Street

This is a coptic bound book made from found materials in about 2005.


A little pamphlet made from grass blades.

I’ve assembled a crack team of travel companions and we’ve already made our first book. Last night as I was engaging in my usual pre-trans-atlantic flight ritual (drinking wine, packing and cleaning the house till 3am) I cleaned all the receipts out of my wallet and bound them with a quick pamphlet stitch.

Done and done.

What’s next?

The team of travel tools. Knolled.


Book one: all the waste from my wallet