There are many slow days between finding the right fabrics, and making a finished piece.

Last week when I arrived in Rome to buy fabric I had a sense of what I was looking to purchase but I also like to stay open to the possibility of a surprise purchase. Bassettti had some of my old favorites, a 60 year old cotton for towels, some modern linen that was woven in Italy. But I also bought bolts of two new fabrics for which I’m designing some new products.

Thanks for reading.


The vintage cotton that I’ve been using for my towels and napkins. Woven in Italy by Giori.


A linen and hemp mix this canvas was used for decorative dropped ceilings.




A new to me cotton linen blend. It’s a size that will make a great table cloth or super luxurious towels.




My usual linen, a pure linen woven in Italy. It’s a stiff fabric that softens over time.




I also picked up some paper for text blocks so that I can make more books books books.

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