Willie story from Agnes Martin

Willie was very fond of his mother when he was little. He prayed to God and said: “Please God I want to love my mother with my whole heart and soul. And I want everything to be like it is now.”
And God answered: “Okay Willie.”
Then Willie met this beautiful woman.
“As a matter of fact I want you to change that, I want you to make it that I love my wife.”
“Okay Willie.”
And Willie had a son.
And he says: “I want that changed.”
And God said to the angels: “Take care of Willie.”
And the angels said: “What are we going to do with these human beings they all want the same thing and want it changed?”
And God says: “Arrange it that way. Everything stays the same and everything changes. What is in the world is really opposites.”


Beautiful / Deadly

Some beautiful finds from the pile of 120 or so pieces of hazardous waste that I pulled out of the studio today during studio clean up.